17u College Showcase 3  
PLEASE!!! NO SEEDS!! ANYONE CAUGHT WITH SEED IN THE DUGOUT WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE REMOVAL OF THE "HEAD COACH" FROM THE TOURNAMENT. This is obviously a major problem or we would not need to resort to such drastic measures to resolve.
PARKING AT MIAMI Please park in the parking garage across from the baseball field. Do not park in decal lots. You will get a ticket.
Parking at NKU - NKU charges $5 for parking. Please do not call to complain or yell at our gate worker. If we want to use NKU we must abide by their rules and their rules are you play $5 to park. Most colleges charge for on campus parking.
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College Showcase 3 Rules
Bracket seeding will be done by: (Pool winners seeded first regardless of record.)
1. ppg (1 point for a win, .5 points for a tie, 0 points for a loss) divided by # of games played   2. # of wins   3. avg runs allowed   4. avg runs scored   5. Head-to-Head   6.Coin Flip
(Pool winners seeded first regardless of record.)
1. ppg* / # of games played
*ppg: win 1 point tie .5 points loss 0 points
2. # of wins
3. avg runs allowed
4. avg runs scored
5. Head-to-Head
6. Coin Flip

Tournament Rules

  1. Tournament specific rules are covered below. Rules not specifically outlined below are covered by the NFHS Baseball Rules.
  2. No infield before games.
  3. All teams will play four (4) games in pool play. ALL TEAMS WILL PARTICIPATE IN BRACKET PLAY! Top teams will advance to the Gold Bracket, next Teams to the Silver Bracket, next to Bronze and so on. Any team who loses their FIRST bracket game on Saturday will play a consolation game on Sunday.  All consolation games will be on a 1 hour 50 minute time limit.  Seeding will be by 1) Points/Game 2) Average Runs allowed 3) Average Runs Scored 4) Head to Head 5) Coin Flip. Teams will get 1 Points for a Win, ½ Point for a Tie and 0 Point for a Loss divided by the number of games played.  Pool winners will be seeded first, regardless of record.  Wild cards will be seeded after pool winners.  
  4. Coaches are responsible for having their pitchers ready at game time.  If preceding game is running late, it is still the coach’s responsibility to find somewhere for his pitcher to warm up so your game can start immediately after the preceding game ends.
  5. Home team determined by coin flip except in championship round where higher seed is home team.
  6. All games in pool play will be seven (7) innings with a 2-hour time limit.  Tie games (after 7 innings) in pool play are rendered a tie unless time limit has not been reached.  All Bracket games will be 2 hours. In bracket play the California rule is used if game is tied after 7 innings.  Runner on 2nd base with no out. The runner is the last recorded out.
  7. There is no time limit in the Championship game.  However, the run rule still applies in the Championship round.  Run rule is as follows: eight (8) after five (5) innings, twelve (12) after four (4) innings, and fifteen (15) after three (3) innings. 
  8. Pitching Rules: Coaches discretion.
  9. You may bat 9, use an EH and/or a DH. 
  11. Courtesy runner for the catcher only at any time but with 2 out is mandatory.  The courtesy runner must be a player not currently in the lineup.  If no player is available you may run your last out.
  12. $50.00 cash protest fee.  Protest decided on the field by umpire and Tournament Director.  Protest fee returned if protest upheld.
  13. Flip for home team.  Higher seed will be home team in Championship round.
  14. No coolers allowed AT DESIGNATED SITES.
  15. NO METAL CLEATS, SUNFLOWER SEEDS, OR TOBACCO ON ANY TURF FIELD.  Breaking this rule will result in IMMEDIATE ejection from the park.
  16. The head coach is responsible for the behavior of coaches, parents, and fans.
  17. The umpires are in charge of the game.  Excessive arguing or abuse will not be tolerated.  The umpire's decision on any judgment call is final.  Rule interpretation can be discussed with the tournament director.   
  18. All participants are competing at their own risk. By participating you agree to hold the Tournament Director, Tournament Officials, Tournament Hosts, and Tournament Sponsors harmless from any liability resulting from participation in the tournament. Team insurance is mandatory and must be available upon request.
  19. RAINOUTS and DELAYS: Whether or not to cancel games due to weather is the decision of the Tournament Director. 
    • There are NO makeup games unless the Tournament Director feels the integrity of the tournament will be compromised without such makeup games.
    • 4 innings will be an official game.  
    •  In all cases of rain or lightening delays, the clock stops and the game will resume from that point. If the game can not resume within 30 minutes of the original finish time it will be an official game or canceled depending on the inning.
    • If rain or lightening delays the start of a game we will wait 1 hour.  If the game can not be started within 1 hour that game will be canceled.
    • Championship Round: If there are rainouts in the Championship Round, the higher seed will move on.